Rich people-Poor people

Rich people-Poor people

Rich people believe “I create my life.” Poor people believe “Life happens to me.” 

It’s not our fault not to be rich by birth but it’s, if we die poor. Good thing is poor can become rich by working on their mindset and act accordingly. Each and everything happen to us is supposed to go through below 5 steps in order to achieve success and wealth.

  1. Our situations create emotions
  2. Emotions help us to identify our goals
  3. Goals make our brain think of possibilities
  4. Thoughts of possibilities help us to take actions
  5. Our actions determine results

Rich people work on all five steps mentioned above with honestly and dedication. At step 5, they might end up having failure, but they do repeat this cycle again and again throughout their life whether they get success or failure. Why they can do that because of a strong belief that “I create my life“.


Poor people tend to miss 4th step and ultimately found themself trapped into thoughts. We need to understand, thoughts do help to think better but it’s actions what make the difference. 

Another mistake poor people do is they jump directly from step 3 to step 5. As soon as they have possibilities ready in their mind, they start thinking about results and they realize that it is something that can’t be achieved.

Step 4 plays a very crucial role to make a person from poor to rich. If you miss step 4, it will be just your mind living in an imaginary world.

Why poor people tend to miss or discourage themselves on step 4? 

  • Hassle | They expect better results with no hassle. 
  • Fear | They fear failure.
  • Mindset | They have programmed themself to accept things happening to them
  • Comfort zone | Comforts of not doing anything
  • Time Management | Wasting time in non-productive things
  • Patience | Low patience level

How rich people encourage themselves to work on step 4.

  • Hassle | They too expect results but work hard for it
  • Fear | They think of results than fear
  • Mindset | They believe they can change things 
  • Comfort zone | There is no such word in their dictionary
  • Time Management | Spend time on learning new things and uses of time wisely
  • Patience | They know big results take big time to achieve.

Let’s talk about these factors affecting step 4 with examples

Expect results but do not discourage yourself by considering the complexity of the process. 

Poor people tend to give excuses to themselves for not taking any actions. I don’t have time, I don’t have resources, I don’t hold any knowledge about it. These statements are a programmatic code that poor people feeding into their mind for not doing hassle. It’s you who commands your brain and brain makes other body parts to take actions. If we keep telling our brain not to take actions because of any excuses our body will not react accordingly.

Rich people do have excuses too but instead of feeding it directly into the brain, they think of possibilities to overcome these excuses. How and what amount of time I should spend? What are all available resources for me to get started with? I don’t hold knowledge about it so let’s learn. This is how rich people command their mind to take actions.

If Jeff Bezos thought of having all things at the beginning phase of the company, he might not be in the list of the richest person in the world.

Jeff Bezos is the owner of many companies. We mainly know Amazon e-commerce where we can buy anything around the world on our fingertips. Does this mean that Jeff should have to know how to code a beautiful website or mobile app for Amazon? Absolutely not, he instead focused on his vision and hired a person who can code for him. 


“Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, do not sit home and think about it. Go out and get busy.”

Dale Carnegie

Fear of failure makes people poor and non-productive. We need to understand, we don’t have control over all things in the world. 

If there are 10 known factors helping you to get success, there could be 1000 unknown factors affecting your path to success. The problem here is poor people only focus on 1000 unknown factors and convert it into fear whereas rich people mainly consider 10 factors that they can convert into opportunities and work on it. Eventually, rich people end up having 1010 factors converted to opportunities for them to work on and help them to get closer towards their goals.

The world only knows the 1001st experiment by Thomas Edison which we defined as successful. There are 1000 failed experiments contributing equal importance for the success of 1001st experiment. Those 1000 failed experiment doesn’t mean anything to us as it was failed, but for Thomas those are not failed experiments. He didn’t convert these failures into fear of not achieving anything, he instead keeps converting them into opportunities which help him to avoid the mistakes he did in previous attempts. If he would had considered fear of failure, we would have not seen the bulb.


Your mindset is defining your attitude towards your life. If you think, you can’t do much about situations you are going through or if you think you can change something around you, in both cases, you are right. 

Poor people tend to accept things happening with them considering that they do not have control over it whereas rich people always keep their mind open for new ideas and changes and believe they can create an impact.


Let’s understand this with the example of Google. What comes to your mind when you think of Google? 

  1. What can search on google?
  2. Is there a new email in my inbox?
  3. How can I get a job at Google?
  4. How can I earn from Google?
  5. How can I open a company like Google?
  6. How Google is solving problems for its users?

Poor people will only populate the first 3 questions in their mind whereas rich people think of the last 3 questions too. You see the differences, poor people create boundaries around their capabilities and thoughts. Rich people try to push their brainpower to think about what best they can do.

Comfort zone

The biggest roadblock of poor people is their comfort zone for not taking actions.

Poor people used to think a lot about being rich but when it comes to actions for it, they find themselves uncomfortable. In simple words, they are not ready to accept changes that are going to affect their life or daily routine. They just don’t want to compromise with existing comfort zone they are used to live with. 


Rich people never think of any comfort zone. The fact is that they feel uncomfortable when they go into a comfort zone. Not being comfortable is an addiction to rich people. And poor people think that rich is living a comfortable life. Yet true, rich is living a comfortable life with their surroundings and families but in their mind, they are thinking about how they can make a difference tomorrow with better impact.

After playing 20 successful years of international cricket and setting up many world records in the field of cricket, master blaster Sachin Tendulkar is called for an interview. The interviewer asked Sachin “Sir, what is the secret of your success in cricket?”. Sachin replied that I just don’t play cricket, I walk cricket, I talk cricket, I sleep cricket, I eat cricket, it’s cricket 24 by 7. Then he explained that since the last 24 years(4 years of domestic cricket and 20 years of international cricket) there not being a single day in his life when at 6 AM, he didn’t reach to nets and didn’t face a ball. Then the interviewer asked, “Sir, what if you have scored a century or have won the match a day before?”. Sachin said, “Whatever success would be yesterday, next day at 6 AM, I’m at the nets to face a ball. I first face a minimum of 500 deliveries then if I get time, I open my social media. It matters to me a lot not to miss those 500 deliveries in the morning otherwise I will feel negativity and it will be hard for me to stay where I’m currently standing and will be super hard to reach where I want to be.”

If you want to be rich, come out of your comfort zone and take actions. Convert your actions into habits.

Time management

Whether person is rich or poor, all we have is 24 hours. Conclusion of being rich or poor is depending on how we play with time.

Poor people earn money by selling 8-9 working hours to someone else whereas rich people earn wealth by increasing their productive time. Poor people find it very much easy on how they can spend their time because after 9 hours of work they thought they are done for the day and move to their comfort zone. Rich people have 24 hours only but they buy more time from others to do a job for them and indirectly increase their hour per day.


For example, a businessman has a company with 100 employees who work 8 hours a day. So productive time a businessman owns a day is 100 x 8 = 800 hours. Now, the question is how a businessman utilizes his time. Rich people use their time to gain more knowledge and to do something productive all the time. Whereas poor people used to spend time playing mobile games, checking social media and relaxing for the rest of the day after there work hours. 

This is the reason why poor people remain poor as they don’t value and manage their time. They live under misassumption that they have acted for their dreams after doing 8 hours job.


Success doesn’t come overnight, and rich people know it well. Instead of thriving for it, they prefer to work with dedication until they reach their goals.

Poor people are more eager to get things easily in their plate and try to give up in initial few attempts.

Rich people keep all 5 steps (mentioned at the start) in a loop for their progress whereas poor people not only miss step 4 but also don’t dare to repeat all steps again to improvisation and go impatience.

Rich people also consider their patience as a discipline and move towards their goals by their actions slowly. And because of the expectation of quick results, poor people often find themselves in failures.

Warren Buffett cares about his long term investments whether the market goes up or down. He remains claim and patient to make benefits out of his investment. Whereas intraday traders lose their patience within one day of loss.


Finally, it doesn’t matter where you get success or not, you need to keep repeating 5 steps mentioned in this reading and mainly work on step 4 aggressively.

I’m learning and implementing these steps in my life day by day and realized that it’s worth to share with you. These steps come to my mind when I studied many cases of successful/rich individuals by reading books mentioned below. If you are willing to roll more into it, I will encourage you to read these life changing books.

I hope this will also contribute some values in your life by changing your mindset towards being wealthy. 

Please share your experience, like dislike in the comments about this blog. 

Until next time, never stop reading…

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